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Dear supporter,

We hope this email finds you well. We are reaching out to you with an urgent appeal that touches the hearts of many - the well-being and survival of local community companion animals in our care.

At Spokane Humane Society, our mission is to provide a safe haven for animals who have faced abuse, neglect, homelessness, injury, and sickness. Every day, our teams work tirelessly to mend their broken bodies and spirits, offering them a second chance at life filled with love and care. However, today, we are faced to pause, threatening our ability to continue this vital work.

Our shelter's medical care fund known as the STAR (Special Treatment And Recovery) Fund, which is essential for covering the life-saving treatments and surgeries our animals so desperately need, has reached a critically low level. This is a dire situation, and we are reaching out to you, our compassionate supporters, for immediate help to replenish this fund and ensure we can continue to provide life-saving care to current and future shelter animals.

The sad reality is that we are on hold in being able to help animals in desperate need due to the low balance in this medical fund. Your generosity can make all the difference. Homeless and abandoned pets with poor medical conditions tend to be dismissed as adoption candidates, and SHS wants to diminish those barriers.

Here's how your donation can help:

  1. Emergency Medical Care: Your contribution will go directly toward providing essential medical treatments, surgeries, and medications for animals who are suffering.
  2. Recovery and Rehabilitation: With your support, we can provide animals with extended therapy and the environment they need to heal both physically and emotionally, ensuring they are ready for a loving forever home.

Every dollar counts, and no donation is too small. Your kindness can be the lifeline for a suffering animal.

To donate, please visit our STAR Fund page where you can securely make a contribution. If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to: Spokane Humane Society, ATTN: STAR Fund, and mail it to P.O. Box 6247, Spokane, WA 99217.

We understand that times are tough for many, but we cannot stress enough the urgency of our situation. Lives are at stake, and your help can be the difference between life and death for animals who have already endured so much suffering.

On behalf of the animals who can't speak for themselves, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion, generosity, and support. Together, we can give them the hope, care, and love they so desperately need.


The Spokane Humane Society team

STAR Fund has helped companion animals like Spinach. This adorable kitten was brought in as a surrender and clearly sick with an upper respiratory infection, noticeably cloudy eyes, and severe corneal ulcerations. The initial fear was that he may lose his eyes. Through SHS, Spinach was referred to, seen, and assessed by Animal Eye Clinic who put Spinach on a medication regime with his foster. Because of the medical application dedication, his eyes were saved and was happily placed in his forever home!

Another beloved animal in our care, Kilo, has successfully surpassed a recent surgery to remove a large cancerous mass from his elbow. Kilo is our champion who is deaf, a senior pup, arthritic, with previous seizures, and inflamed lungs, but has continued to defy all the odds against him. With support from our STAR fund, we have been able to continue to care for Kilo. He has been recently placed in foster, enjoying hikes, and doing great! Kilo is still waiting for a family to join, eager for a future of love.

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